Category: chocolate

[I Ate] Pavlova with Passion Fruit and Raspberry Coulis

Simple, classic Fall-time favorite: pumpkin pie with an absurd amount of whipped cream and coffee with peppermint/mocha creamer.

Who says you can’t have dessert for breakfast? Pancakes, berries, French vanilla ice cream, and chocolate syrup

I [MADE] Maple Bacon Cupcakes

[Homemade] Plum Cake

A huge Chinese style deep fried sesame ball

[I ATE] Honey lemon yuzu sorbet & Earl grey lavender ice cream @ Creamier

[We ate] Matcha Shiratma Parfait & Hoji-Cha Shiratama Parfait – it was so yummy

Santas and christmas trees

Halloween macarons! Vanilla with black chocolate ganache.