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My gruesome halloween cake (fondant and colorings)

Given a recommendation to post this here. A Halloween themed wedding cake I made

Citrus Ginger Cake with Chocolate Frosting, Spiderweb, and Candied Blood Oranges – not the prettiest ever, but several firsts for me (piping ganache, cutting single cake for layers instead of baking two cakes, making candied fruit)

Daughter’s 5th birthday cake. Top is chocolate with peanut butter SMBC, middle is vanilla with chocolate SMBC, bottom is marble with vanilla SMBC. Rainbow Dash is a buttercream transfer

Birthday cake for a co-worker

Seafood Boil Cake 🔥

Chocolate cake with white chocolate ganache filling and frosting. Raspberry and vanilla meringues and chocolate pearls

/r/cakewin hit 20k subscribers yesterday

My birthday cake from last month. Everything pictured was edible (except for the ribbon :D)

Bowl of chili cake!